24 Sep

A humble apology to my loyal readers for my tardiness in posting this past week.  Unfortunately for Wisconsin and for me, the month-long burst of San Diego-esque perfect weather we had been blessed with came to a screeching halt on Tuesday in the form of nearly 4 inches of rain.  From what I was reading around the intertubes, I had the understanding that our lack of rain was leading up to a relatively severe allergy season this fall.  To my dismay, my body misunderstood this and instead cursed me with one of my more severe allergy attacks in recent memory as the rain poured down all day.  A combination of runny nose, swollen eyes, sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, headaches and a general lack of taste or smell for the past 3 days has more or less taken me out of the finer food and drink game.  Rest assured, I will be back and better than as good as ever in the near future.  Fall is a cruel mistress here in Wisconsin, especially for allergy sufferers like me.

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