Hold the soy: Alterra Kenya AA Nyeri

6 Oct

Alterra KenyaWhile interviewing for a job at *drumroll* Barriques last week, I was treated to a cup of Alterra Kenya AA Nyeri while I waited.  Now I usually am attracted to darker roasts with lower acidity, which tend to work well in espresso drinks.  I don’t own a drip coffee maker (nor do I really plan to), so I don’t drink a lot of brewed coffee unless I’m using my French press.  I must say that this simple cup of black coffee blew my mind.  Never before have I experienced such a range of flavors and mouthfeel in a single bean.  The muddy roasted flavors that I have grown accustomed to were replaced with bright, wine-like acidity and spicy hot apple cider notes that nip at the back of the tongue.


When I saw the beans for sale at Sentry Hilldale this weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to put them to use at home. These characteristics are undoubtedly muted when paired with steamed milk and microfoam in a cappuccino, but the brightness still manages to break through in the end and makes for unique experience.  Who knew that in a 24 hours I would have my conception of coffee turned upside down and get the good news of an opportunity to get my food service feet wet.  I clearly have much to learn and I can’t wait to be humbled by the new worlds that lie in front of me.

One Response to “Hold the soy: Alterra Kenya AA Nyeri”

  1. Kathy October 6, 2009 at 1:02 PM #

    People who are excited about their jobs are always energizing and fun to be around. Congrats on becoming the Energizer Bunny, little bro! Keep us posted on training!

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