One remix that Diddy didn’t invent: BLT Pocket

26 Feb

Look – I’m not going to pretend that you folks can’t put together a BLT.  It’s not hard.  Three ingredients on bread with a squirt of mayo.  Bacon and mayo are like crack and make everything taste better.  There’s nothing subtle here.  At the same time, a good BLT is a thing of beauty.  Something so simple, yet incomprehensibly crave-inducing that when the mood strikes – good luck satisfying it with anything else.  You gotta admit though – they aren’t the easiest thing to eat.  The toast shreds the roof of your mouth and that is THE worst.  The WORST.  That and the chewy bacon (and don’t even talk to me if you like your bacon snap-in-half crispy) pulls out of the sandwich and the whole thing falls apart.  SOLUTION: chop up all the ingredients, mix ’em together, and shove them in a convenient, mouth-friendly vessel.  Hello, pita pocket.  Hello, better BLT.

BLT Pocket

Ingredient rundown:

  • Pita pockets (I used whole wheat cuz I’m healthy like that)
  • Bacon (duh)
  • Lettuce (duh) – romaine or other crisp lettuce is best
  • Tomato (duh)
  • Mayo (duh)
  • Freshly-cracked black pepper (makes everything better, too)

How I do it:

  1. Fry up a couple strips of bacon.  Chewy, not crispy.  But you knew that already.  Chop it up.
  2. Get you some lettuce and tomato.  Chop them up.
  3. Mix all that together with some mayo and cracked pepper.
  4. Stuff that pita.  One of life’s simple pleasures is in hand.  The roof of your mouth will thank you later.

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