New Brew: BrewFarm Matacabras

28 Mar

The second public offering from Dave’s BrewFarm comes in the form of Matacabras, a dark Belgian-style ale named after a Spanish wind known for killing goats.  Yup.  Dave’s BrewFarm Blog explains this is the first in a series of “wind-themed” beers inspired by the BrewFarm’s towering wind turbine.  The next in the series, a gruit by the name of Harukaze (Japanese for “Spring wind”), is currently being offered at the BrewFarm Tap Room.  Let’s hope that one finds itself in a bottle sooner rather than later

Dave’s BrewFarm Matacabras

Style: “A Curious Ale”.  Ahh.  In reality, a sort of Belgian-style dark ale.

Vitals: 8.0% abv; little else to go on, really (aura of mystery and style ambiguity laid on pretty thick in most documentation)

Company line:

In Spain, MATACABRAS is “the wind that kills goats.” In Wisconsin, it’s the first in a series of wind-themed specialty beers from the BrewFarm. In our part of the Upper Midwest there’s nothing like a brisk north wind to get your attention. So when we stumbled upon the name of this wicked Spanish breeze, we decided to brew up something that would likewise stop folks in their tracks.

We brew for flavor and for the overall “beer experience,” and our results are often curious and always distinctive. This unique new ale is no exception. Like its name, it is dark, mysterious, and difficult to translate into a familiar category. The deep hue and creamy body might suggest one style, but the floral aroma and Trappist-inspired flavors say another.

It is dark, yet not heavy; complex, yet balanced; strong, yet very smooth … and unusually satisfying.

My take: pours a dark, murky mahogany in the glass with ample caramel-tinged sudsy head.  Nose is dominated by the Trappist-style yeast strain which lends plenty of banana, spice and clove.  Palate opens up with gobs of dark fig, plum and date, caramel malts, light-roasted coffee and more clove.  Somewhat cloying in a sticky lips way, but not to a deal-breaking degree.  A very strong effort in the tricky Belgian-style domain that so many American brewers enter with middling results.

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