Drinkos to Try-o: Reserva de Don Ramon Reposado and Furthermore Oscura

6 May

No time like 11:11 PM to finally celebrate the fifth day of May in style with the national distillate of our friends to the south and a delicious beer from Wisconsin with a Latin twist.  My roommate was game enough to share in the shooting of some fine, fine reposado that my mom muled over the border on her last trip.  The Reserva de Don Ramon Reposado is silky smooth, slightly peppery, with hints of oak and vanilla.  A fine sipping tequila – coming from someone who doesn’t really sip tequila, so take that as real talk.  Also great with a little bite of key lime.

On the fermented-but-not-distilled tip, Furthermore Oscura has come to be one of those beers, if not the beer that ear-worms itself a-la three cup chicken into my consciousness.  Where 99% of coffee-infused beers end up being thick, roasty malt bombs like imperial stouts and porters, Oscura sits on a base of warm-fermented, cold-lagered steam (I mean California Common) beer and is imbued with the goodness of Just Coffeeroasted beans from an all-lady coffee co-op in Nicaragua.  Iced coffee in beer form.  Appropriate for any time of day (I’ve tested this extensively).  Finally, a coffee beer that doesn’t put a brick in your stomach.  Crave-worthy.  An obsession.  A healthy one, of course.  Salud!

One Response to “Drinkos to Try-o: Reserva de Don Ramon Reposado and Furthermore Oscura”

  1. Kathy May 8, 2010 at 5:44 PM #

    I miiiiiiiiiss Oscura. Oh, how I miss it. Mark, too.

    Digging the new blog look, by the way.

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