New Brew: Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout

10 May

A welcome trend in the past year or so has been a steady stream of new beer from the Northwoods making its way in draft and bottled form into Southern Wisconsin.  From O’so to Red Eye to Bull Falls, enterprising Up Nort’ brewers are packaging their wares for the discriminating palates of we city-folk to their South.  While Green Bay Brewing Company’s Hinterland label has been available in bottles for several years now (albeit, just their Pale Ale which was apparently contract-brewed and bottled at Gray’s in Janesville), they have recently expanded their production (and added their own bottling line) to their much-praised Luna Coffee Stout, and in a new 16 ounce form factor, no less.  The Old Fashioned here in Madison has been instrumental in getting NorWis beer in the hands of eager Madisonians.  Here’s to the continued exodus of tasty suds from our Northern bretherin.

Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout

Style: Coffee

Vitals: Very little documented.  Made with coffee from the Fox Valley/Door County’s own Luna Cafe.

Company line: “Opaque, black, coffee-like character. Very creamy, extremely clean and refreshing.”

My take: Stoutly in appearance with ample  crema-toned head that fades quickly.  Smells like a cup of strong day-old coffee with a hint of vanilla and a whiff of brisk hops.  Smooth coffee rules the palate as well, contributing to the French-roasted malt and hoppy bitterness. A noticeable metallic edge detracts somewhat.  Body is on the thin side, lending drinkability.  Not nearly as bold and full as Central Waters’ Brewhouse Coffee Stout, but its smoothness and ample sessionability keep it worthy in the eyes of this coffee-drinking beer-lover/beer-drinking coffee-lover.

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