Wine O’Clock: Pancake Cellars Big Day White 2009

10 May

A recent evening that began with 5 hours of roller derby, ended with a kitchen full of friends, dips and drinks – including this bottle of Pancake Cellars Big Day White 2009. The others were not impressed, so I felt obligated to weigh in with my increasingly well-traveled palate.

Also, THIS IS MY 100TH POST! Thanks for sticking with me for over half a year’s worth of too many beer and wine reviews, random music shout outs and a smattering of recipes from a cook who admittedly hates recipes.   It’s humbling to know that there are people out there other than my mom who care about what I have to say (or at least have nothing better to do while procrastinating at work).

Pancake Cellars Big Day White 2009

Style: White Blend

Vitals: Grapes – 27% Chardonnay, 24% Sauvignon Blanc, 24% Viognier, 21% Muscat Canelli, 4% Pinot Blanc; Origin – Paso Robles, CA (Santa Maria Valley AVA)

Company Line: “A freak of nature, the BIG DAY WHITE offers delicious flavors of white peach, apple and cantaloupe, along with orange blossom, honeysuckle and lemongrass.  Serve with Thai green curry, turkey sandwiches, chicken apple sausage, or pesto anything.”

My take: pale straw yellow in the glass.  Nose bursts with white peach juice, clover honey, oaky Chardonnay vanillin (as the majority component, it’s not surprising that the Chard characteristics shine in this blend) and a spike of sharp lemongrass.  Palate is off-dry and incredibly soft, with hints of orange blossom and melon.  Acidity is sharper when chilled and the finish lacks some luster as it warms.  This is the type of blend that I’ve come to really enjoy as of late.  They go great with grilled white meats and seafood and are a refreshing respite as the weather warms (if it ever does – HEY WISCONSIN> It’s the middle of May.  I don’t want to see Thirty-anything on the thermometer anymore.  Enough already).  Hard to go wrong with this 5 buck-ish bottle from Trader Joe’s.

One Response to “Wine O’Clock: Pancake Cellars Big Day White 2009”

  1. Kathy May 16, 2010 at 5:38 PM #

    Best weather-involved shout-out to Wisconsin ever.

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