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Coffee. Black: Alterra Love Supreme

11 Feb

Love is a warm French press

Yep, I’m still drinking coffee.  Plenty of it.  The fine folks at Alterra have a new limited release special blend for all you love birds out there.  A sweet melange of some of my favorite African origin coffees with a splash of Indonesian, Love Supreme has me smitten like a kitten in mittens.

This stuff is silky smooth with just enough of that wine-like acidity that I love from the Kenya AA balanced by the chocolatey and nutty undertones of Ethiopia Harar and wrapped in a ribbon of spicy clove from the Sulawesi Toraja. This stuff makes a rich, deep cup and won’t be around for long.  Hit up Alterra’s website or stop by your neighborhood Barriques and pick up a pound before that oh-so-special/oh-so-forgettable day passes and we’re left checking off the calendar until Sweetest Day.

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