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Fire: Big Boi: “Shine Blockas”

4 Jan

The combination of Big Boi‘s pinpoint and Gucci Mane‘s mush-mouthed deliveries over a glossy International Players’ Anthem-esque soul beat just works.  Free Gucci.  Who doesn’t want that?

Video: Big Boi: “Shine Blockas”.


First listen: Written in Reverse off Spoon’s new album Transference

1 Dec

Via Pitchfork – NPR has debuted Spoon’s first single off their upcoming album Transference, entitled Written in Reverse.  I heard this song live during their fantastic set at Summerfest in Milwaukee this past summer.  They seemed to be playing around with a lot of echo and layered vocal effects, which also make an appearance in this new track. Although have already released an early single, Got Nuffin, this is apparently the first single off the album scheduled to drop on January 19th, 2010. Ch-ch-check it out.

New Lil Wayne Mixtape Online Now

28 Oct

New Lil Wayne Mixtape Online Now. (via Pitchfork)

Perhaps the last mixtape we get from Wheezy before he serves time for gun possession charges, then comes back with an epic record chronicling the experience.  It’s worked before.  Instead of remixing a T.I. song he’s decided to remix his life.  Leave it to an alien to get all meta on us.  Just burned it to a disc and will give it a listen on my way to work this afternoon.  Thoughts later…

Due Diligence: Check out my friend’s band

2 Sep
Wiener City

Wiener City

I used to live with this kid, and am bombarded daily with texts, emails, twitter updates and facebook events telling me to GET PUMPED!!! for his new EP or latest basement show.  Obnoxious, right?  Not one to hoard the suck, I implore you to check out his band, Direct Hit, and their new EP, #3.  If you like pop-punk (and who doesn’t?) and being told to get pumped(!!!) in an abstract, existential way, give them the old looky-loo.  Don’t say I never did anything for you, Woods.

Can I get a…free listen to the new Jay-Z album? Why yes, yes you can.

2 Sep

Listen to Jay’s new album, The Blueprint 3, before it drops on 09/11/09 (also the 8-year anniversary of the release of the original Blueprint).  The first two singles have already hit rotation (“D.O.A.”and “We Run This Town”).  Nearly every track features a guest artist, among them Kanye, Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Drake, Swizz Beatz, Young Jeezy, and Pharell.  Through one casual listen, my standouts from non-released singles include the opening track “What We Talkin About”, with a smooth early-90’s-era electro-contemporary beat and “Hate”, a cocky back-and-forth with Kanye brushing off the inevitable haters the two superstars have to deal with at this point in their careers.

The rest of the album is a bit hit and miss, a collection of duets of questionable necessity wrapped in alternating Kanye-soul or Kanye-spazed-out beats.  Less disappointing is Jay’s unwavering swagger on nearly every track.  It’s clear he’s settled nicely into his role as CEO of the hip-hop game and his bravado alone carries some of the weaker tracks, reinforcing the fact that many of the featured artists don’t lend any memorable presence to their respective tracks.  Overall, not in the top half of his catalog, but after his #45 Jordan-esque return from retirement, we should feel lucky we get to see an all-time great back in the game.

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