Wine is fine: Tenuta Le Velette Rasenna Orvieto Classico Amabile

12 Nov
Tenuta La Velette Rasenna Orvieto Classico Amabile

Yes, that's really the name of the wine. Rolls right off the tongue.

So, working at a wine and coffee shop has its perks.  All the coffee I can drink.  Lots of leftover soup and baked goods.  And a whole bunch of slightly past-its-prime wine.  Tonight, from my personal wall-of-not-quite-100 comes  the concisely-named Tenuta Le Velette Rasenna Orvieto Classico Amabile.

*Disclaimer – I don’t know squat about wine, so bear with me as I stumble to describe what I’m tasting here*

Style: “Italian White” (further digging found Orvieto to be a wine-making region located in Umbria and Lazio known primarily for its dry white wines)

Upon the first sip I was taken aback by the perfume-like sweetness of this wine which I was not expecting.  Bright notes of pear and peach with a hint of vanilla come to the forefront of the nose with the fruits carrying through to the palate.  The sweetness dominates and while it avoids being cloying, could use more acidity or tartness  for my tastes, but maybe that’s what they’re shooting for (the region is known for its drier whites, but historically was known for sweeter, golden-hued wines which this more-closely resembles – perhaps explaining the “Classico” descriptor).  The mouthfeel is fairly viscous and on the heavier side for whites that I have sampled,  but this makes sense based on the sweetness.  This is a pleasant wine that I imagine would pair well with light pasta or pork dishes.

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